Law Office of Michael L. Stuart Good Results

Good Results For San Diego Clients

DUI Cases In San Diego

Client A: all charges dismissed in San Diego Superior Court (Client charged with DUI, no license, no registration)

Client B: DUI charges dismissed in downtown San Diego Federal Court because no Title 17 chemical test was properly performed. DUI dismissed.

Client C: Client was arrest for a DUI and a suspended license. Case was entirely dismissed at 1st readiness after aggressive negotiation with the San Diego City Attorney‘s Office.

Client D: Client was involved in an accident in San Diego and Client’s blood alcohol level was a .11. A “dry reckless” offer was obtained after successfully negotiating a plea due to a pre-existing medical condition.

DMV Set Asides In San Diego (No Suspension)

Client E: Client was driving her vehicle in San Diego when she lost control and went up onto an embankment. She was a .19 according to her blood test. The San Diego Fire Department had to break her window and pull her from the vehicle because she was passed out. I was able to prove to the DMV that the time of driving could not be established; therefore the 3 hour presumption could not be met to prove the validity of the blood test. This saved the Client from a one year license suspension because she had a DUI conviction just two months prior to her arrest in this case.

Client F: Client was under the age of 21 and got into an accident in San Diego with a lot of alcohol in the car. The DMV suspension was set aside due to no witnesses that could testify that Client was driving, nor any indication of when the accident took place.

Domestic Violence And TRO Cases In San Diego

Client G: Misdemeanor Child abuse case with a prior one year earlier that client was on probation for. Prosecutor wanted 180 days custody. All charges dismissed, and probation was terminated in previous case.

Client H: Domestic Violence Restraining Order (TRO) was dismissed relating to a felony DV arrest in San Diego.

Client I: Client had a Temporary Restraining Order filed against her by her current husband’s ex-wife for allegedly attacking the ex-wife outside of the client’s house. The ex-wife had one witness testify at the hearing. The Judge dismissed the TRO for a lack of evidence upon Attorney Stuart’s motion because the Petitioner could not meet her burden of proof.

Client J: Client was served in San Diego with a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) from his next door neighbor because of ongoing property disputes over a several year period. I forced the Petitioner into mediation where both parties were able to come to an agreement. The TRO was dismissed per the mediation settlement agreement.

Client K: Client’s pregnant ex-girlfriend filed a TRO against client because he wanted to end the relationship. She did receive a kick-out order when he applied for the temporary orders. I was able to get the Client back into his apartment before the hearing date. The TRO was dismissed after Attorney Stuart filed a response to the Petition, and the Petitioner did not show up for the hearing.

Drug And Other Criminal Cases In San Diego

Client L: Client was caught with 17,000 tablets of ecstasy by the DEA, and was facing a minimum of 7 years in state prison. After challenging the evidence and demonstrating the Client’s good character, the Client received only 90 days in the San Diego County Jail.

Client M: Client was operating a mobile drug distribution network out of his car and was caught with over a pound of marijuana and several hundred pharmaceutical pills. Client received no jail time and performed only 20 days of Public Work Service.

Client N: Client was charged with two counts of assault and battery on a military base while he was heavily intoxicated. One count was dismissed, and on the other charge we were able to get a “Negotiated Collateral” agreement where the client did not have to enter a plea of guilty. No anger management course or community service ordered.

Client O: Client was charged with stealing items from a Navy Exchange store in San Diego. She was granted Deferred Prosecution for 7 months, which she successfully completed. Technically, she was never formally prosecuted by the United States Attorney’s Office.

Client P: Client charged with fraudulent use of an ID and minor in possession of a lot of alcohol. All charges dismissed after successful negotiation.

Client Q: Client was cited for being a minor possessing alcohol, an offense which carries a one year license suspension if convicted. It was proven that the wrong officer would testify to information that he had no “independent recollection” of, so the case was dismissed.

NOTE: The above mentioned good results cannot be taken as a guarantee or prediction of the result in your particular case. Every case is determined upon its unique set of facts.