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Theft Offenses In San Diego County

Misdemeanor Theft Offenses In San Diego

All theft offenses in San Diego where the alleged amount taken was less than $400.00 are filed as misdemeanors. This is commonly known as petty theft, which can have severe consequences to your life. This offense is considered a “crime of moral turpitude” that can have a negative impact on your employment or future employment, immigration status, and criminal record. If you are convicted of petty theft for the first time, you are required to be booked into the San Diego County Jail for approximately 4-6 hours. Your finger prints will be taken, and your information will be supplied to the California Department of Justice and the FBI. If you are charged with petty theft again in the future, the government can and will charge you with a felony.

A misdemeanor petty theft offense in San Diego can be challenge in several ways. Maybe the Loss Prevent Officer (LPO) at the store you were at in San Diego violated your rights or forced you to sign something you did not want to. It is possible that the police officer that cited you used poor judgment or did not follow proper procedures. The store or business may not have enough evidence to support a finding of guilt against you in a San Diego courtroom. You need to hire a San Diego lawyer that knows how to fight and win against the government and big business. Contact Attorney Michael L. Stuart immediately to discuss your San Diego theft case for free. All calls or emails will be promptly returned.

Felony Theft Offenses In San Diego

If you have been charged or you’re going to be charged with a felony theft or embezzlement offense in San Diego, you need to hire an aggressive and affordable criminal defense attorney immediately. The government and the alleged victim are going to be coming after you for restitution (the money they claim you took from them) plus the legal rate of interest, which is usually 10% per year from the date of the alleged loss.

Often times the prosecution will charge you with burglary as well as felony theft. This is because the government might think they can prove you had the intent to steal when you entered the building. If you are charged with residential burglary, you could be looking at mandatory prison time. Attorney Michael L. Stuart has achieved good results on theft cases in San Diego County. He has prevented his clients from going to jail and overpaying any alleged victim’s claim of restitution.

Fraud And Identity Theft Offenses In San Diego

Fraud and identity theft cases in San Diego are aggressively prosecuted. Whether it is check, credit, or insurance / Medicare fraud, the government is going to take it very seriously, especially now that the government is having financial problems. Do not let yourself become another victim of the system. 

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