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Domestic Violence Offenses In San Diego County

Defending A Domestic Violence Arrest In San Diego

When someone in your family, a person who you have dated, or the parent of your child calls the police and claims that a domestic violence incident has occurred, there is a very good chance that you are going to jail. This is true whether or not there are any visible injuries or other physical evidence. Often an arrest is made based solely upon the verbal accusations of the person who called. Even with minor or severe physical injuries, your domestic violence case is defendable. Usually, the prosecution over-charges these cases in the hope that a defendant (you) will enter a quick guilty plea to one of the charges. Do not do this! An aggressive and affordable San Diego criminal defense attorney like Michael L. Stuart can challenge the statements of the complaining witness, investigate all aspects of the case, interview all pertinent witnesses, and present your side of the facts effectively to the prosecution. Contact Attorney Michael L. Stuart immediately to discuss your San Diego domestic violence case. All calls or emails will be promptly returned.

Defending Child Abuse Offenses In San Diego

Child abuse cases in San Diego County are sensitive matters because minor children are involved. The government will usually charge you with felony child endangerment if you are driving under the influence (DUI) with your minor children in the vehicle. This is also true if you are abusing alcohol or drugs with minor children present. Child Protective Services (CPS) would take custody of your children. You will be arrested and taken to San Diego County Jail. San Diego County jurors tend to be very unsympathetic to child abuse cases when they are taken to trial. It is essential that you hire an aggressive, experienced San Diego lawyer like Michael L. Stuart to successfully negotiate your child abuse case so that you do not do any jail time or lose custody of your minor children.

Consequences Of A Domestic Violence Or Child Abuse Conviction

In San Diego, the consequences of a domestic violence or child abuse conviction are severe. You can lose you right to own or possess firearms, be removed from your home or apartment, have the custody of your minor children terminated, and you could do anywhere from zero to 356 days in San Diego County Jail. If you have prior domestic violence or child abuse convictions, you could go to prison if you are charged with a felony. You would be required to participate in a 52 week Domestic Violence Rehabilitation Program (DVRP), and the Judge would most likely issue a criminal protective order whether or not your partner requested it. These orders can be lifted if you hire an experienced and aggressive lawyer. Attorney Michael L. Stuart consistently achieves the good results for his domestic violence and child abuse clients.

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